About KeySAN

KeySAN was born out of the impact that the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had on the world of musicians, and particularly where instruments were used by multiple players.

The KeySAN UV-C devices have been designed, developed and manufactured through a collaboration between David Mason, Managing Director of Viscount Classical Organs, and Colin Peacock of Renatus, master craftsmen in building bespoke church organ consoles. A truly British manufactured product.

With decades of experience in playing pipe and church organs, and working with churches, music schools and concert halls – David, very early on in the pandemic, recognised the threat to the music community. After much research and very detailed technical discussions with fellow colleagues in the organ and piano playing world, including the Royal College of Organists and the Music Teacher’s Association – David set about finding a sanitising solution for instruments for multi-player usage.

In the videos below you can hear how David was keen to welcome visitors back into his organ showroom in Bicester, and find a way to disinfect instruments safely for visitors to play their digital organs.

In the video above we demonstrate the use and features of the KeySAN device.

In this video we discuss the science behind the KeySAN UV-C device. (For more information also read – The Science behind KeySAN)

Unfortunately all that was available at the time of David’s research were products which damaged the instruments and did little to provide comfort by way of safely sanitising and protecting the players from spreading the coronavirus.

The KeySAN device you see today has been specifically designed to safely sanitise keyboards for both organs and pianos. Much care and attention has gone into the design and manufacture of the product, with beautiful joinery and excellent engineering to build-in safeguards for the use of a hazardous level of UV-C light.

If you would like to talk to us about your particular needs, or have questions on the use of the KeySAN device, please do have a look at our FAQ section, or get in touch to register your interest. We’d be happy to help.

Key Facts:

  • Our devices only use UV-C light to sanitise your keyboard (no liquids or abrasive cleaning agents touch the surfaces)
  • The process ensures that your entire keyboard is disinfected – including the hard to reach places like the areas between your keys, the joins and the pistons (on organs)
  • The UV-C light strength is set to what Boston University research has found to work in eliminating viruses such as COVID-19
  • The device fits safely across your keyboard without needing to be bolted on and has been designed to be seamless to operate
  • We have safety protocols built into the device, to ensure the safety of the user.

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