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Please do get in touch with us to register your interest in the KeySAN device.

If you have instruments which are used by multiple players, you will no doubt be needing to find a solution to providing the players with the confidence to use the instruments.

We have two versions of the KeySAN device, which are for organs and pianos. More information will become available as we release more pages on our website. In the meantime, you will can find answers to some common questions we have received so far on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are interested in registering your interest in purchasing a KeySAN device, please complete the contact form on this page. You will then be sent information and updates as to when the devices will be launched to the market.

You can contact us by email on call us on 01869 329520 or private message us on Facebook.

Please note that we are currently only placing prospective customers on to a waiting list, as we are in the process of manufacturing these devices at scale for the market. As soon as we have stock, we will be releasing the rest of our website information, and opening up our cart for purchasing the devices.