Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about KeySAN? Feel free to check this list of FAQ’s for an answer.

For an organ keyboard: the device will adjust in width to cover keyboards which are between 56 and 61 notes. However, if the stop jambs of a keyboard with a compass below 61 notes about the key cheeks – the standard KeySAN organ device may not fit to the top manual. In this circumstance you can advise us directly, that you have a ‘short compass’ instrument and we will supply a shorter KeySAN device which will suit you better.

For piano keyboards: our device will adjust to take into account the slightly different key spacings of instruments with 88 notes. Concert grand pianos, with extended key range up to 98 notes, will require the ‘Concert Grand’ KeySAN device (otherwise part of the keyboard will not get a UVC dose). Please contact us directly if you require the Concert Grand unit instead of our standard piano device.