KeySAN for Pianos

The impact of the 2020 pandemic has left many music schools, concert halls and independent piano teachers with a particular challenge which they hadn’t had to think much about before: the effective (and efficient) cleaning of piano keyboards.

It became clear very quickly to schools, musical institutions and entertainment establishments which have multiple players using instruments that cleaning these instruments could prove to be a challenge.

The need to reduce the risk of the transmission of viruses, like COVID-19 in particular, presented a unique challenge that seemingly had no easy solution. Teachers or schools would have to build in the time it takes to ensure the safety of their students or players by sufficiently disinfecting instruments between players.

Time is one factor, but then there’s the issue of how and with what to clean them.

Piano keyboards present a highly segmented surface area with a myriad of gaps between keys that are virtually inaccessible for normal cleaning practices.

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Effective cleaning of piano keyboards where multiple players are using the same instrument.

The options for making piano keyboards COVID-secure

The use of antiseptic wipes as a cleaning regime is a time intensive approach and, in normal times, we would not contemplate the regular use of abrasive liquids on keyboards which would damage the instrument over time.

As a result, we have designed and developed our KeySAN device to solve three main issues:

  • Reducing the time needed to clean the instrument between players
  • Sanitising the instrument in way that does not damage the instrument
  • Eradicating viruses such as the coronavirus

Choosing UV-C as a sanitising agent

Ultraviolet C (UV-C) light is a well-established method used in other industries to carry out a sterilisation process on equipment and even in food production to destroy bacteria, moulds and viruses.

This low energy radiation penetrates the cell walls and disrupts the DNA, killing the organisms. Bacteria and moulds usually require the highest energy levels while viruses with thinner cell walls are destroyed at lower dosage rates.

Signify, the world leader in lighting, together with the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL) at Boston University in the US have conducted research that validates the effectiveness of UV-C light sources on the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. We have been following their results with interest and have built in the dosage rates they have tested, into our device operation.

You can read more on our page that explains the science behind the KeySAN device.

See independent UV-C Test Results on Keyboards using the KeySAN Keyboard Sanitiser device.

Keeping safe while using UV-C devices

Our devices are highly effective in disinfecting your organ keyboards because the light can access the whole keyboard area, as well as all the hard to reach places. However, there are safety measures in place to protect you while the device is in use.

While UV-C is a regular part of the natural sunlight spectrum only very little actually reaches the earth’s surface. As the KeySAN device uses a high energy UV-C source, you should avoid exposure to UV-C in the same way as we need to protect our skin from long exposure to strong sunshine.

Extra care should also be taken with respect to UV-C exposure to your eyes, so we strongly advise that you do not look directly into the UV-C LEDs on our device. In fact, due to our product design, this is impossible when the device is correctly fitted. You should also use the set of protective glasses that we provide with each device.

Safety features of the KeySAN device:


The device works with a timer that regulates how long the device is used for. You have the ability to set the timer for different levels.

These two options allow you to choose differing dosage levels that will ensure between 99% and 99.99% eradication/destruction of viruses.


We have designed a material-based protective blanket which sits over the device and the keyboard being cleaned.

This is to prevent any light leakage on the musician side to the instrument. If this blanket is not in place the device will not switch on.

KeySAN device for your school, concert hall or music room

Our experience in working with churches, cathedrals, music schools and concert halls means we understand the pressures these spaces must bring from a health and safety and risk assessment perspective.

If you would like to talk about using our device for your instruments, please do contact us to find out more.

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Order your KeySAN cleaning device for pianos today!

Effective cleaning of piano keyboards where multiple players are using the same instrument.