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KeySAN for Piano Keyboards


The KeySAN Piano device has been engineered, designed and manufactured to be used to disinfect keyboards for Grand, Upright, or Electronic pianos.

The bar containing the UV-C LED’s is made from stainless steel. The simple control box and indicator lights sit in small box fitted to the side of the left side support stand. It has been designed to sit on top of your keyboard, and operate seamlessly in under 3 minutes.

(Price includes shipping for overseas customers exempt of UK sales tax. For multiple orders please email for an individual shipping quotation.)

More information

The KeySAN for pianos device has been crafted by the master craftsmen at Renatus who have more than 20 years-experience in building beautiful, bespoke wooden organ consoles.

The device has been designed to be easy and safe to use, as well as administer its disinfecting process in under 3 minutes. You can use the device on pianos which have the standard 88 keys. A larger model is available for extended compass concert grands.

NOTE: The device is only designed to fit and clean the keyboard, do not use it anywhere else on your musical instrument.

See independent UV-C Test Results on Keyboards using the KeySAN Keyboard Sanitiser device.

Technical Specifications:

The device is a little over 122cm (48 inches) wide so the upstands sit on the key cheeks. It has enough width adjustment to be used on slight width variations that occur in pianos of different ages and manufacturers. The width is adjustable to allow for differences in keyboard lengths between various instruments but you need to contact us for concert grands where the compass has been extended beyond the ‘normal’ 88 keys.

Each application of the device takes under 3 minutes.

The product is designed and manufactured in the UK from quality assured parts. The piano device incorporates 8 x 50 milliwatt (mW) UV-C LED’s producing monochromatic light at 275 nm (nano meters).

These are driven by a 12-volt power supply. The mains transformer unit which is UL approved will work at all voltages between 110 and 240 volts and 50/60Hz. (Units for non-UK customers will be sent a transformer unit with the correct plug for their territory.)

You will receive the following in your device box:

  • A KeySan device ready for use
  • A 12-volt power supply and local territory plug
  • A pair of UV-C safety glasses
  • A light blanket
  • Full user instructions
  • Device Test Certificate
  • Warranty Certificate

Set-up of the device:

The device is very simple to set up. The two stands at each end of the light source have a thin location strip that fits between the extreme end keys and the key cheeks.

You can adjust the width according to your keyboard length.

The angle of the light bar is then set in relation to the marking lines on the end-cheek. Once the light bar is in place and set, you drape the protective light blanket over the device fully – preventing light leakage toward the players side of the instrument. It secures easily with magnets to help keep the cloth flat and in place.

Finally, you then activate the device to run for the time selected.

Once complete, the buzzer will stop to let you know it is safe to remove. The instrument is now ready to be played.

Note: if you have more than one keyboard on your piano, you will need to repeat the process for each keyboard,


The device itself is guaranteed for 12 months and will be replaced free of charge if found to be faulty within the warranty period. To activate your warranty please return your Warranty Certificate completed with the instrument serial number and your details to our admin department at: Prestige House, 23 Telford Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4LD, United Kingdom.

The independent power supply is guaranteed for 12 months and is available to purchase separately, should it need to be replaced in future. Please contact us directly to arrange this.

The LED lights will last up to 8000 hours before any drop in UV generation will be experienced.

If after 8000 hours of use you wish to confirm that the UV-C power levels are still adequate and you reside in the UK, you can return the device to us (at your cost) for testing to confirm the dosage levels are still adequate. The full LED life is 16,000 hours. This will provide over 300,000 doses (applications) at the full dose rate or over 500,000 at the lower dose rate.